13 Signs You Went To Catholic School


1. Picking out an outfit for a dress-down day caused you stress all week. 2. You could spot a skirt roller from a mile away.3. Getting ready for school was a roll out of bed and out the door type thing. 4. You went to school with the same 20 kids for the first 10 years of your life… 5. …And you can ...


  1. Posted by hannnnnahmarie12, — Reply

    A kid in my class said this once and my teacher responded with “Yes, but Jesus wants you to give a different answer” 😂

  2. Posted by johnescolero1, — Reply

    On my calculator I guess it was glitching or something but I had entered something that was a santax error but instead it said Satan x error more proof that math was created by the devil 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Posted by EmilyT808, — Reply

    This happened in class once, my math teacher said so who knows the answer? This girl says “JESUS!!!” with a southern preacher tone, we all died laughing and even the teacher was laughing but said “no Kate, not this time. This is algebra. “

  4. Posted by idk_either, — Reply

    I had a teacher that got really mad about us saying that. So then she asked us questions like "who was cast out of heaven?" "Who tempts people to do sinful things?" Etc. So that all the answers were the devil. And then she half yelled so sometimes Jesus isn't the answer because Jesus didn't do any of those things!

  5. Posted by Lilliana8Keoshian, — Reply

    This photo is funny do you know what else is funny my comic! Just look up Scwibblez in people and you will find me! Sadly almost all people won’t like it, so if you re truly not a follower be a leader and like my comic! Thankyou! :)

  6. Posted by carlotafeeferton, — Reply

    I can’t tell If the kids heart was in the right place or just didn’t know the answer but if the kids heart was in the right place then GO KID!!!!

  7. Posted by mariadelab535, — Reply

    I did this once, they put me a cero in the hole test even though I got a 7.4, and I ended up falling the class🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  8. Posted by lllygrc, — Reply

    I do this when we get a sub, and most of the teachers shake their head in disappointment when they get back

  9. Posted by cant_think_of_username, — Reply

    I did it once, but didn’t get the mark, so let’s just say somebody isn’t gonna end up in heaven

  10. Posted by tuhlman24, — Reply

    I did this once on my final and he didn’t mark me off

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